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Two Runner, hailing from the Sierra Foothills is a new Americana folk rock band with a bluegrass soul. Band members Paige Anderson (Vox, guitar, banjo) and Emilie Rose (Vox, fiddle)grew up in Nevada City California steeped in folk music traditions.

Front woman Paige Anderson grew up touring in her family bluegrass band, Anderson Family Bluegrass, starting at the age of 9.  The family of six would travel, play the bluegrass festival circuit and more for about 12 years as Anderson Family Bluegrass and later The Fearless Kin.  

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When the family band took different paths, Paige still perused a music career.  Writing her first song with Chuck Ragan at 15 opened a whole new world of music for Paige started a new journey. 


In the last few years, Paige has spent her time creating new music, played bass for Family of the Year (2018), wrote a plethora of new songs to share, and has been discovering a new sound for herself and Two Runner.

Fiddler Emilie Rose was raised on Scottish Fiddle and fiddle camps starting at the age of 9. In her early years she lead Celtic band The String Sisters who played together for 10 years in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Emilie has a deep understanding and love for folk music traditions, she has explored the fiddle in it's many homes through travel and language.


Emilie took the fiddle out of NorCal to study at Berklee College of Music, where she graduated in 2020. In her studies, Emilie was mentored by the greats such as Bruce Molsky, Natalie Haas, and Darol Anger


Together, Two Runner brings a rich mix to the folk music world, with their harmonies, banjo pickin', dirt kickin' duo. 


"Burn it to the Ground on repeat!"


"We dig y'alls stuff!"


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